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Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
for evaluation, regardless of how they come down on the rulings. so that, to me, when say romney says that they have a partisan agenda that they bring to the table, which is what he was suggesting, and i think that's why he was saying the campaign will be dictated by the fact checkers, not because he thought it was -- not because he was going to go in an ad that was effective. don't republicans have a legitimate agreement if they are being singled out overwhelmingly by the number of times they are targeted by the fact checkers compared to democrats? >> i'm not sure that i agree they have been singled out. the studies show that we have checked roughly the same number of democrats as republicans. i saw the press release. i don't find the -- i can hear it from both sides. was it a party at the summer of a guy came up to me and said i think that virginia has been unfair. they've been biased against tim kaine, the democrat, and then like a week or so later the virginia republican party cannot and sad it is unfairly targeted the republicans. the nature of what we do is disrup
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
group activity. and we have broken it down by party picks are you see on the gop side almost 52% of all airings are coming from pro-romney sponsor coming from outside interest groups. next slide. if we just look at title i c. fours, and it will be much more today about disclosure, if we just look at 501(c)(4)'s, over half of the interest group ads are coming from those groups. that give you a sense of the magnitude and you were looking just at the general election period actually slightly after that, after the last time frame, april 26 through september 8. this is a list of the top spenders on the republican side. we'll have more to say next week about ad specifically where there's been, what you're spending on and what they are saying. next slide. the other thing that we're seeing this cycle, every year as it would always likes to say that this is the most negative election ever. we are using more cautious about that, in fact some of the early releases that we did in 20 is a hold on, it is exactly the same at the end of 2010 we saw an increase and 2010 was more negative than any other
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-class voters in 2008 have gone down by three percentage points. again it doesn't appear that romney is able to turn the demographics tie in his favor. he's not doing much better among the white working-class voters according to the polls i've seen. he's made some progress on the outside margin that obama got 14 points in 2008 among the college graduate voters but he's not making nearly enough voters to take the state and if you break it down geographically the denver metro area is about half the vote in the state but that looks very similar in the polling data as it did in 2008. finally, the poster child for demographic change in the united states and how it's been shifted pretty rapidly over time as the great state of nevada. obama is running ahead of though not nearly as far as he did in 2008. but it still will cut off on my monitor but you can see an incredible increase of nine percentage points for the share of eligible voters who are minorities according to the data between 2008 and 2012. that's a massive demographic tide against the republicans and you can see there's been a decline o
Sep 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
that if a democratic transition is often brought down by economic problems, and i can certainly happen in the arab countries, so, in fact, there's a bit o of the conversation goig on today at governor romney speaking at the clinton global initiative in new york was saying that sort of a traditional form of american aid, economic assistance and so forth are outdated in the global economy, and what's really needed is trade. in fact, he is produced county is proposing a sort of new trade organization. but regardless of the specific proposal that he has, what about this question of what exact forms of assistance are helpful? are we talking about economic grants, loans, technical assistance courts are we talking about free trade agreements? investment? what kinds of engagement are most likely to help transitioning democracies bring about the kind of economic progress that is likely to buttress the political transition and allow them to move forward? would you like to start? >> during my time as secretary, we always recognized that trade is more important than eight. anything we can do to enhance trade,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4